Terms & Conditions

Tickets: There won’t be any tickets sold on the gate so please purchase in advance of arrival

Over 18’s only and ID is required.

Hotel Rooms- a limited number of rooms will be made available via our website/ticket page. There are double, twin and group rooms available plus for larger groups of 8 and 16 people there are dorm rooms which work out as the best value for having your own facilities and late night access to the mansion. Please subscribe to our mailing list and Facebook page for news and notifications.

You will need to have purchased tickets before you can book a hotel room. During the festival you will be given a special room access wristband to get past security.

Camping and festival access:

On arrival you will be directed by our lovely stewards as to where to be able to camp. There is no parking of cars next to your tents in the main camping areas and there are separate areas for live in vehicles.

Parking: All parking is free including for camper vans, caravans and live in vehicles. The festival site is quite small and very easy to get around so the main parking area is close to where camping is available.

If you have a room booked please park and then get your wristband from accreditation before going to the hotel main entrance reception to check in and get your key. Please don’t lose you key as they are expensive to replace.

Toilets/showers/sauna/swimming pool use: They are all free to use and there are indoor flushing toilets that are accessible from 9am to 5am for campers and inbetween those times there will be portable toilets available to use on site. Keep an eye out for signs with the times the sauna and swimming pool can be used.

You will be pointed out where the accreditation office is where you can get your wristbands. Either a print off of your e-ticket or showing it on a smart phone are both acceptable. Make sure the details are updated before arrival and that you have some form of photo ID with you.

Entering and leaving site. You can leave site but if driving please inform a steward in case where you parked might cause any issues.

Arrival times-
21st Friday August – 12PM midday opening, last entry 12am.
22nd Saturday August – accreditation re-opens at 10am and closes at 8pm.
23rd Sunday August – accreditation re-opens at 10am and closes at 5pm.
24th Monday August – all guests must vacate the site by 12PM.
the same restrictions apply if you leave site during the festival. Access after a certain time will not be allowed until accreditation re-opens the next day.

Food and drink: There will be outdoor dining providing breakfast, lunch and dinner with vegetarian and vegan options. Indoor dining provided by the hotel. There will be a a cocktail bar where you can get proper coffees as well as indoor bars all at very reasonably prices not like most festivals.

You can bring food on site and proper gas camping stoves can be used but no open fires or BBQ’s anywhere on site. If you have one a proper fire pit will be ok to use as long as sited a safe distance from any tents or anything flammable.

Alcohol: Regulars should be aware that a change in venue policy this year will mean that outside alcohol will not be permitted. The good news is bar prices include £3.50 pints for Heineken, Shipyard & Thatchers. This is to help support the venue and events here and is a bargain to anyone who knows drinks prices at other festivals.

Cashpoint: There is a cash machine on site that charges a small fee but we recommend bringing plenty with you.

Medical provision: We will have a qualified medical team on site with a sign posted base. Please bring any medication needed and any problems please inform a member of staff, security and stewards if there is a problem.

Disabled guests: Anyone with specific requirements please email us at info@truefest.co.uk and there will be one free ticket for any registered carers. The main site containing the entertainment, food and drink is flat and wheelchair accessible with a disabled toilet. The campsite field has an inclined road joining it to the main festival area.

There will be strobe lighting at the event so we’d advise anyone susceptible to seizures not to attend.

No dogs are allowed on site except for guide dogs.

If you have bought a ticket but cannot attend they are non-refundable but you can sell them or gift them to others. We will need to be informed of the change of ticket holder details by you. We will also need a home address, email and contact number sent to info@truefest.co.uk

Please look out for each other and get to know your neighbours as everyone who comes to Truefest is pretty lovely and friendly. Mpora didn’t rate us as ‘the UK’s friendliest festival’ for nothing 🙂

Don’t be a dick, have a lush time: Obvious really but anyone engaging in any unacceptable/antisocial/illegal behaviour will be removed without refund.

Anyone caught gate crashing will be trespassing and removed by security or if need be the police.

There is on site CCTV and a 24 hour security team in operation who will be checking wristbands as well as looking after us.

Please leave anything valuable at home and guests are solely responsible for all personal effects and belongings.

Glitter not litter. Please use biodegradable glitter and help keep our beautiful site tidy.

Press: any journalists who want to preview or attend and review Truefest please contact info@truefest.co.uk

These items are prohibited from being taken on site:

Illegal substances
Nitrous Oxide AND/OR Whippers
Portable Laser Equipment and Pens
Unauthorised Professional Film or Video Equipment
Audio Recorders
Air Horns
Spray Cans
Marker Pens
Chinese or Sky Lanterns
Any item which may reasonably be considered for use as a weapon
Animals (other than registered guide or hearing dogs)
Sound systems
Unofficial tabards or reflective jackets
Unauthorised items for trading,
Offensive weapons